Spookasem - Coming soon... May 19 2017, 0 Comments

CraftVapour is proud to announce that we will be expanding our range! We pride ourselves on the fact that we produce premium quality e-liquids and our boutique range has proven to be world class. Alas, because of the complexity of our flavours we have had to go to the market at a higher price point. We have found that our clientele are extraordinarily loyal and we have decided to bring out a budget brand just to keep everyone afloat for the times ones budget does not allow for the luxuries. Thus we are now manufacturing Spookasem a fun juice with all the characteristics of our CraftVapour range but at a very affordable price point. Spookasem, our take on a sour blackcurrant juice will be retailing at R200 for 50ml's! Incredible... we know... but for our fans we will do almost anything! We will be launching in 2 weeks time so keep an eye out for the new South African ADV!