Launch of Craft Vapour March 13 2014, 0 Comments

Greetings and Great Vapes

I'd like you all to meet the family. These flavours represent our launch line-up, each one bringing some unique character to the vape table. Each flavour has been extensively tested for flavour consistency and changes in flavour as they mature. We look forward to your feedback on these and other flavours that will be introduced in the coming months. If you crave some specific flavours let us know. We will put the most popular requests to vote and get to work crafting them for you.

Our blends are 50/50 PG/VG for balanced flavour and clouds of vapour. We aim to provide these in some custom ratios in the future. We recommend using metal, pyrex (glass), or polypropylene tanks. Some Juices my crack polycorbonate tanks.

And now.... Please meet our family.


Our delicious take on this vapeshop staple is a secret blend of tobacco, vanilla and caramel with a marsh-mellow texture and a creamy exhale.

Artisan RY4 is heat treated to blend the flavours and is then aged for one week before bottling to smooth out the high notes and distinguish this vapes texture profile (mouth feel) while allowing the background notes to develop. A fantastic vape that will becomes extraordinary with additional ageing.


Taste summer! Ripe and juicy peach with a hint of cream make this fruity flavour a favourite.


No need to climb the icy peaks of the Matterhorn mountain to get refreshed. This is the new standard in menthol vapour. A bold refresher with clean menthol taste and a cool exhale. A strong balanced menthol with the natural sweetness of pure menthol crystals.


Grab a glass of crushed ice, add a dash of watermelon. This is a frisky fruit vape with an icy exhale. Perfect for those hot South African summers.


If the Matterhorn is too much adventure and you prefer your mint vape smooth and sweet. Our peppermint vapour is a perfect symphony of sweet, creamy peppermint with a cool exhale.


The Bi-Polar member of the flavour family. This sweet strawberry vape will change without warning to a zesty kiwi and back. This is one for the variable voltage vapour lover. Set to low for a smooth strawberry and high for the kiwi punch.


Rich banana flavour smothered with just enough caramel to sweeten the deal. A touch of cream amounts to more than the sum of its parts. A serious dessert vape for discerning vaper.

Let us know which flavours intrigue you. They are all so eager to make your acquaintance.