Updates and a new flavour! June 01 2014, 0 Comments

We had a stealthy launch with great success as we completely sold out in just under 2 weeks. We would like to thank everyone for their patience while we geared up for the open launch of CraftVapour and the big day has now arrived.

So what's new ?


Removed custard and butter flavours:

We re-evaluated all our recipes  to ensure our delicious liquids contain no flavourants that are made with diacetyl, acetyl propionyl or acetion otherwise know as  "custard and butter flavours". Diacetyl causes a medical condition known as popcorn lung ( ). While none of the flavourants we used up to know contained diacetyl, acetoin which is a commonly used substitute can in some cases break down to form diacetyl. While the risks associated with acetoin are not currently clear, the safety of our product is of the utmost importance. Most eliquid manufacturers still use acetion in the preparation of their juices but a growing number of premium manufacturers are making the switch to only use "safe" ingredients. CraftVapour e-liquids are to the best of our knowledge and effort free from these chemicals, offering our clients a delightful vape made with only the best, safest ingredients. 


The flavour family has a new member:

The Honey Badger,  an aromatic pipe tobacco with smooth vanilla base with finished with a generous helping of honey.


We are looking forward to the next month and hope to launch a new flavour for you to try soon.

Greetings and great vapes!