Pecan Nut Pie

R 180.00

Our Oh-So-Amazing Pecan Nut Pie flavour is an absolute must have!
It is believed that the ancient Mexicans first tampered with this e-liquid flavour recipe before vaping was even a thing. It is rumoured that hundreds (if not thousands) of nuts were sacrificed in the process but it was never quite good enough to be released... Craft Vapour is stoked to announce that we've discovered this archaic recipe at the origin of the Pecan Nut itself and we've perfected it! It is now yours for the vaping! 
Warning: Your friends will steal this. Make sure you have a secret stash.
Please note: Served in a 50ml plastic child proof bottle. VG70/PG30 for balanced flavour and clouds of vapour in 0mg, 2.5mg and 5mg nicotine variants. Our e-liquids are aged before bottling to ensure deep and balanced flavour but will get even better with time. Store out of reach of children and direct sunlight. 
Disclaimer: No nuts were harmed in the making of this e-liquid.